Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the women who currently play a significant role in a child’s life.  It truly takes a village in today’s age to raise a child.

So whether you are the biological mother, adoptive mother, aunt, sister, educator, friend, etc, I salute you today for all you do. Your role, no matter the size, plays a part in shaping the man or woman that child will become.

Happy Mother’s Day to the women whose children are no longer here.  Children who said hello and goodbye in the womb.  Children who lived on this earth for just a season.

The absence of their physical presence on this earth DOES NOT change the fact that you are a mother. I salute you today because I know “being a mother is not about having a child to raise, but having had a child who you love.”

Happy Mother’s Day to those forgotten today. Those who had no one to take them to dinner, buy them roses, or pamper them. Those whose daily sacrifices go unnoticed by those around them.

Those in nursing homes, shelters, and hospitals with no family to visit.  Those with incarcerated children who can’t visit them. Those with deceased spouses who are spending this day alone.

I salute you today as well! On today when you feel alone, I pray you feel God’s love that always surrounds you.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.

I pray you all know, and one day see, your labor of love was not in vain.

Have a blessed day!

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