It Could All Be So Simple

Lauryn Hill’s song Ex-Factor starts off by saying “it could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard“. The song is referring to a relationship, but I wonder how many other things in our life are simple that we’re making hard.

I remember one time I was hired for a position and based on the interview I had an expectation that I would be doing a specific thing. However, my manager, who did not participate in the hiring process, had me doing something different. I was frustrated and stressed out about it. Several people suggested that I simply talk to my manager, but I would always talk myself out of doing it.

Finally, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I, in much nicer words, asked my manager at what point could I start doing what I expected. Her answer was simple. She said, “starting today”. It was all a simple misunderstanding.

On today, I challenge you to recognize that some things and situations are not as complicated as we’re making it out to be.

Don’t allow your thoughts, your fears, doubts, or other’s opinions to make the situation harder than necessary.

Don’t miss out, or stay stuck in a situation longer than necessary because you are (in your mind and emotions) making it hard.

Sometimes it is as simple as saying no, saying yes, walking away, going for it, or making a decision and sticking to it.

Whatever it is, be encouraged. Trust yourself and follow the path that leads to your peace. I believe it will work out for you.

Have a blessed day and remember to find the “jolly” in every “moment” life brings your way!

~ Keishawna

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4 thoughts on “It Could All Be So Simple

    • Hi!!! Thank you so much for stopping by. Yes, it has been a long time. Too long! Life threw me a few surprises last year, but God is faithful and I’m back and ready to write again. You have no idea how encouraging it is to know you noticed its been a long time. It’s just a reminder that we are never forgotten. Thank you! I pray you have been well ☺


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