He Is Just a Man!

My hubby and I

Years ago in my early twenties, two of my friends and I discussed our “ideal” husband. This “ideal” man would solve all of our problems and whisk us away into this fairytale of “happily ever after” in which there are no troubles.

I admit that marriage is a beautiful thing and a blessed experience, but it is no fairytale. You will not always agree. You may not always like each other. You may sometimes feel your spouse is not meeting all of your needs. Years ago, a wise woman told me that only God could meet all of your needs. God can use your spouse to meet some of those needs, but your spouse is a just a vehicle to meet the need, not the source or answer to that need. We sometimes expect perfection from our spouse, when we are not perfect.

So on this Father’s Day remember that your husband is just a man. He is not God and will not always get it right, but I guarantee you if he is a man after God’s own heart he is striving to always get it right. Yes, he will sometimes miss the mark. Yes, you will sometimes have to grace him in his imperfections. However, here is a news flash for you. You will sometimes miss the mark and he will sometimes have to grace you for your imperfections.

So in this Father’s Day, purpose to:

Focus on what he is doing right.
Acknowledge what he is doing right.
Tell him how he has positively changed your life.
Honor him in front of others by complimenting or praising him.
Express your love for him.
Repeat these principles often throughout the day.

I pray that you can use these principles with your spouse, significant other, brother, father, son or friend you are celebrating on this day or any day.

Lastly, I want to say Happy Father’s Day to my dear husband. Thank you for being an awesome provider, father, husband and my best friend! I thank God He gave me you!

Have a blessed day and remember to find the “jolly” in every “moment” life brings your way!

~ Keishawna

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Photo Credit: Sunnycrest Photography

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