What Are You Waiting For: The Time Is Now

What Are You Waiting For_Time Is NowWe can always find a reason why not to embark upon something that has been tugging at us.

We say we are waiting for the “perfect” moment or “perfect” timing to make the move.

But, what is the “perfect” moment? When is the “perfect” time?

Are you waiting for the “perfect” day, the “perfect” spouse, the “perfect” job, the “perfect” weight, or the “perfect” amount of money in your bank account?

What if you never get married, never get the promotion, never lose those extra pounds, never win the lottery, never get the bigger house, or never get whatever it is you are waiting to happen first?

Sometimes the “perfect” moment we are waiting for is already here, but we can’t see it because fear, doubt, and insecurities are blinding our view.

We can let life pass us by waiting for the “perfect” moment, or we can seize the moment we have now and make it “perfect.”

You will never know if that business will work, if your book will sell, if you are smart enough to earn that degree, if you will get the job, or if true love will find you if don’t walk away from a relationship you know is not good for you. You will never know if you don’t try.

I guarantee you if you don’t try, you won’t see that thing you hoped and dreamed for manifest. I would rather try and fail, than fail to try. Believe me, I am talking to myself right now as much as I may be talking to some of you.

I know of a woman who waited for the perfect time to retire. She could have retired earlier, but the time wasn’t right. When she finally did, she developed a health challenge that is preventing her from enjoying her retirement. I am sure sometimes she wishes she retired before now.

I know of woman who has been waiting for years for the “perfect” moment to use some special gold-plated utensils she bought. It’s been decades and the “perfect” moment hasn’t come. I wonder if she will live to see this “perfect” moment.

I know of a woman who has started writing a book, only to put it down, only to pick it up again, only to put it down again, because she is waiting. Sadly, she doesn’t even know what she is waiting on anymore.

I know of a woman who has been waiting for decades on this “perfect” man to come and rescue her. I am sure along the way, one came but she couldn’t see it. So, she is still waiting. In the meantime, she is missing out on the life she does have, for waiting on the one she doesn’t.

God made you on purpose for a purpose. Don’t allow fear, doubt, insecurities or the opinions of others to keep you from embarking up the very thing you dream about, pray for, hope for and long for.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must. But take the step!”

I want to close with words from the song “Walk on Water” by Britt Nicole:

If you take that first step into the unknown He won’t let you go

So what are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? Your insecurities, they try to hold to you

But you know you’re made for more, so don’t be afraid to move

Your faith is all it takes, and you can walk on the water, too

Step out, even when it’s storming Step out, even when you’re broken

Step out, even when your heart is telling you to give up

Step out, when your hope is stolen Step out, when you can’t see where you’re going

You don’t have to be afraid

So what are you waiting, what are you waiting for?

If you are ready to take that step, or when you take that step, I would love to hear about it. Come back and share your “moment” with me.

Don’t wait anymore. The time is now!

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