Alternate Routes Are Sometimes Blessings


Yesterday, on the way to an important meeting, I missed my exit. I was upset because my GPS previously indicated I would be ten minutes late. Now, I had to take an alternate route to get to my destination. I just knew I would now arrive even later.

After my initial whining and “why, God?”, I looked at my GPS and realized the alternate route put me on course to arrive ON TIME.

LESSON OF THE DAY: What you think is a missed opportunity, a delay, a wrong turn, a bad decision, etc., may actually be a blessing in disguise. Don’t be so quick to throw up your hands and count yourself out. TRUST that God has a plan and will work the situation out for your good (Romans 8:28)! When you get off track, He knows how to reroute you to your destination!

Have a blessed day and an awesome week!


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