Sometimes You Have to Encourage Yourself!


As a child, I remember hearing adults say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” In other words, do what I tell you even if you see me doing the opposite. I always found that confusing.

However, lately I’ve been encouraging others to fight, believe, and trust, yet I didn’t have the strength to live out what I was encouraging them to do.

I freely shared words of life and hope with others, but was speechless when it came to me. When I needed encouragement the most, I came across my own words from an interview posted on The Far Above Rubies Collection in November 2016. Now, I have to do as I say!


I never shared the interview with anyone until now. I pray it is as much of a blessing and an encouragement to you, as it was for me.

Click here to read the interview OR An Interview with Keishawna on Mary

~ Keishawna

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