The Greatest Gift

1  Corinthians 13I attended an intimate event last night so beautiful, I just had to share.

The invitation itself indicated this would be something unique. The host did not request anything, except our presence at her event.  She specifically requested no one bring a gift.

The host treated her guests to a four-course meal at an upscale restaurant.  We received the best of everything.

She shared with her guests what each of us individually meant to her, and the part we played in blessing her life.

When it came time for the toast, the host once again paid tribute to her guests.

When the event ended, the host blessed each of her guests with a gift card of a significant amount to an online store.

There was not a moment I looked at the host and did not see a smile on her face. Countless times, she thanked her guests for coming and being a part of her life.

It may not sound like much, but we were there to celebrate the birthday of the host. Yet, she treated us all as if it were our day.

I have attended many adult birthday parties, but never one in which the person due honor, bestowed honor on everyone else in attendance.

In a world so full of selfishness, hatred and greed, it was refreshing to see a selfless display of genuine love.

I once heard someone say, “People should feel better about themselves when they leave your presence, not better about you”. 

I definitely left her birthday party feeling encouraged, honored, loved and blessed to call this woman my friend.

I do not think words can express the beauty of what I saw and felt. On a day when she was due honor and gifts, my friend gave her guests one of the greatest gifts – LOVE!

After leaving “her party”, I understand why she requested we not bring gifts.  The love this woman has for the people in her life, the realization she has of how blessed she is, the love she knows God has for her, and the peace she has in her life – NO GIFT in the world can compare!

I pray we all can experience the level of love, joy and peace my friend has in her life!

Be blessed and have a jolly day!


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8 thoughts on “The Greatest Gift

  1. Karen Gabris-Omans says:

    It is so nice to know that there still are people
    out there that really know the meaning of friendship and love!! Especially these days!
    I have a friend that insists that whatever I do for or say to her she thinks that I have
    a plan underneath my actions to achieve some plot against her. I have told her many times that she reads into my gestures or words thiking that I have a “plot” to sabatage or trick her into something that I want from her


    • Hi Karen! Yes, it is definitely a blessing that there are still people like my friend in this world. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. It’s unfortunate that sometimes people are hurt so often, they don’t know how to respond to genuine love and kindness. I pray that with time, she will see that whatever you do for her is out of a pure heart. Who knows, it may be your consistent display of genuine love that breaks down the walls so she can trust again. Thanks for sharing!


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