Never Take Anything for Granted!

I was cleaning out my daughter’s stuff and came across a half empty bottle of hand sanitizer.

Prior to the coronavirus if I found a bottle with a small amount in it, I would throw it out because after all I could just buy another bottle.

It’s crazy how in a moment something that once would have been of no value to me, is now so priceless and valuable.

Although I’ve always thanked God for my blessings, this situation made me think of how much I’ve taken for granted without realizing it.

So tonight before I close my eyes, I’m counting my blessings.

Not the big things.

I’m counting all the little blessings.

The little things that I realize now more than ever can be here today and gone, restricted, or limited tomorrow.

I encourage you to take a moment today to count your blessings and appreciate what you have.

~Keishawna Jolivette ūü¶č

No matter what happens purpose to find the “Jolly” in “Moments” life brings your way today.

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The Things We Take For Granted

ThingsWeTakeForGrantedRecently, an elderly relative unexpectedly move in with my family. Initially, I thought him living with us was for him. After all, he requires a lot of our time, attention and care. However, I am starting to realize that God interrupted our life, not so much for him, but for us.

Now that we have a guest with limited mobility, we spend a lot more time at home. The one thing we miss the most is going out to eat at restaurants. It was one of our favorite things to do as a family.

This weekend, we all pouted about not being able to go anywhere. When our guest and I were alone, he said something that made me think.

I know y’all like to eat out and I want to go. I just want to be able to hold a spoon by myself, so people don’t laugh at me. When I can do that, I’ll go.

His words hit me hard. I know he struggles with holding a spoon, fork, etc., but never did I think how that would make him feel to struggle in public. Something as¬†simple as holding a spoon¬†or fork, we don’t think twice about. We just do it. However, what if we couldn’t.

I encourage you today to stop and thank God, for those simple things you can do. Those things that are so second nature, that you never saw them as a blessing.

Things like holding¬†your own¬†spoon, bathing yourself, dressing yourself,¬†holding your baby or grandchild, putting on your shoes, combing your hair, holding a pen, signing your name, etc. Those things¬†may mean nothing to you, but I promise you they¬†mean the world to¬†those who can’t.

I feel so blessed today! Remember, count your blessings, not your problems!

Have a blessed day!

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I Have Learned To Be Grateful For Closed Doors


This¬†month I celebrated¬†my thirty something ūüėČ birthday. As I look back over my life, I am grateful for so many things and one of them is CLOSED DOORS!

A decade ago, while in the process to buy my first home, I found one that had everything I wanted, except the color of brick. I shared with a friend that the house was too good to be true.

I asked, “Why would God give me exactly what I asked for?”¬†She responded, “Why wouldn’t He?”

After a few days, I returned to find the home was no longer available. However, another house with everything the first one had, including the color of brick I wanted, was available to be built from the ground up.

One door closed, BUT a better one opened. I walked right through it and purchased my first home. Continue reading