Follow the Path That Leads to Your Peace


Years ago while searching for my first home, I found what I felt was the perfect house. When the time came to put down money, I backed out. Why? I did not have any peace.

If you do not have peace about that relationship, job opportunity, marriage, purchase, move, divorce, or whatever decision you are about to make, DON’T DO IT! WAIT!

TRUST your instincts. TRUST what God is speaking to you about that situation. It may not make sense now, but TRUST that He knows what is best.

It was hard walking away from that house. However, a year later God led me to the home I would buy. Not one that seemed perfect, but the one that was perfect and hand-picked for me. Looking back now, I’m grateful I walked away from good, because I ended up with God’s best for me.

God loves you (yes, YOU)! That pause, or hesitation, you feel in your spirit may save you from heartache and disappointments. It may mean He has something better. Or, it may simply mean it is not time, yet!

WAIT on God! TRUST His timing and follow the path that leads to your peace!

Peace does not always mean an absence of fear. Sometimes on the path of peace you may feel afraid, or uncomfortable. I was afraid when I walked away from the first house, and was afraid when it came time to put down money on the house I would buy, but I had peace.

Peace comes in TRUSTing God no matter how we feel, or what we feel, because we know He is in control and He will take care of us.


Have a blessed day and find the “jolly” in whatever “moment” life brings your way!

~ Keishawna

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When Chaos Feels Like Peace


“Whatever you’re doing inside of me, it feels like chaos but somehow there’s peace”

Sanctus Real

If a principal, boss, doctor, etc., has ever called you to his or her office, you know the agonizing feeling of waiting to hear what he or she has to say.

Some of us are sitting in the lobby area of God’s office waiting for Him to call us in and tell us the outcome of a situation, the next steps to take, or the reasons behind our current circumstance.

As we wait, all the unknowns, what ifs and possible outcomes (whether good or bad) race through our minds.
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A Psalm Moment: A Prayer for Guidance, Deliverance and Forgiveness


I came across Psalm 25 during a recent bible study. So many parts of it ministered to my soul.

One thing I know for sure is when you are dealing with issues of life, you will never go wrong when you pray and confess God’s word over your life.

I pray that as you read this Psalm, parts of it becomes real to you. I pray it gives you a restored sense of peace and hope that God loves YOU! God will deliver you out of your troubles when you TRUST Him. God will forgive your sins when you CONFESS to Him. God will guide you when you ASK and are willing to OBEY.

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