You Made the Decision, Now Move On

A few years back my husband and I had to make a difficult decision regarding the care of someone very close to us. After we settled on what we felt was the best decision, we later wondered if we did the right thing.

During that time, someone told us, “never beat yourself up for making a decision that at the time you felt was the best decision”.

I sometimes repeat those words to reassure myself when doubt tries to creep in.

There were decisions I made even this past week that I later questioned. But, I told myself I made the best decision with the information I had in that moment.

After that, all I can do is trust God’s word that says, “ALL things work together for good to them that love God” Romans 8:28.

I can honestly say any decision I initially questioned, worked out on my behalf in the long run. Maybe not always the way I thought it would, but it worked out.

If you are beating yourself up over a decision you made, STOP!

It’s done.

Time to move on.

If it’s in your power to change the outcome, then do so. If not, focus your efforts, time and energy on what you can control. Trust God to handle the rest.

Have a blessed day and remember to find the “jolly” in every “moment” life brings your way!

~ Keishawna

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Weekly Devotion: Everything Has Its Time!


Earlier this week, I picked up some books from an organization. While there, I briefly chatted with the employee helping me.

She mentioned that she loved the organization and how amazing the people are, but it was time for her to move on to something new. I found her response interesting because when I love something, it is hard for me to move on.

Sometimes because of sentimental reasons, fear of the unknown, or false loyalties, we stay in a place, in a relationship, on a job, etc., longer than needed. We have to know when it is time to move on.
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